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Legal Consultant

  • Application for CIRP by Financial or operational creditor.

  • Hand holding of committee of creditors and corporate debtors for successful resolution of CIRP.

  • Finding suitable Resolution Applicants / Liquidation Bidders for going concerns as well as non-operational companies under IBC.

  • Corporate structuring – Acquisitions, mergers, de-mergers, private equity arrangements, joint ventures, share purchase / subscription agreements, etc.,

  • Restructuring of businesses including reduction and re-organization of capital, winding up, liquidation, etc.,


"Professional approach to business is made possible through Legacz ideates and support from their team is always on time. Thanks for guiding us in our endeavors"
Legal Consultant


The LEGACZ (In house legal cell) approach entails a thorough and practical understanding of clients business challenges and we offer strategic advice, service, and support. Our litigation team covers the most significant and complex areas of banking, corporate, civil, and commercial litigation as follows:The LEGACZ  approach entails a thorough and practical understanding of clients’ business challenges and we offer strategic advice and support. Our litigation team covers the most significant and complex areas of corporate, civil, and commercial litigation.

  • Initiating application before district magistrate / Chief Judicial Magistrate for enforcement of securities under SARFAESI under S.14.

  • Litigations under RDDBFI Act 1993 (OA/SA) with DRT / DRAT.

  • Legal advice to financial creditors / COC during resolution and liquidation under Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016.

  • Creation and appropriation of securities.

  • Consumer litigation.

  • Constitutional law litigation under writ jurisdiction and other provisions.

S N Mohamed Mubarak

Thank you for your service and happy that you completed my work without any delay !!
Legal Consultant
  • Legal due diligence and title scrutiny.

  • Drafting of consortium / multiple lending loan documents.

  • Investment agreements such as private equity agreements, joint venture agreements, share subscription and shareholders agreements, etc.

  • Commercial agreements such as business purchase/ business sale agreements, production agreements, marketing and distribution agreements, franchising agreements, service agreements, Joint – operation/co-operation agreements, partnership deeds, non-compete

  • agreements, etc.

  • Software / hardware agreements, development and maintenance agreements, ERP Solutions implementation Agreements, technical agreements, etc.

  • Employment agreements such as employment agreement, training agreement, non-disclosure agreements, employee bonds, employee inventions agreement, overseas deputation agreement, contract services agreements, etc.

  • Real estate agreements such as conveyancing deeds, lease and licensing agreements, property development contracts, building and engineering contracts, family settlement deeds, release deeds, Joint development agreement, construction agreement, etc.

Legal Consultant

The LEGACZ (In house legal cell) actively advocates alternative dispute resolution process to optimise client time and resources. The firm has inhouse professionals who are certified arbitrators including retired judges and practicing advocates, who had resolved domestic and international disputes. The firm has a robust arbitration and mediation practice in a host of sectors.

Legal Consultant
  • Drafting & issuing of demand notice, SARFAESI reply (13(3A)), etc.

  • Assistance for taking possession (symbolic / physical) of assets, preparation of inventory / panchnama.

  • Identifying buyers to secure maximum value of the assets.

  • Identification of uncharged assets.

  • Possession of immovable properties.

  • Seizure and re possession of vehicles and movables.

  • Security / warehousing / custodian services/ yard service.

  • Arbitration / negotiation with NPA borrowers for OTS / recovery / upgradation of accounts.

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